Wood Return Air Grille in a Challenging Remodel

Thanks to our friend Gary for the great photo of his Wood Return Air Filter Grille from WoodAirGrille.com. His older New Orleans home required a very unique installation and he did a great job working the grille into his challenging remodel project.

Unique Wood Return Air Filter Grille from WoodAIrGrille

Wood Return Air Filter Grille

Wood Return Air Filter Grille from WoodAirGrille.com in a new custom home.


Unique Wood Grille Situation

Thanks to our friend Wendy in NY for the great photos of her new Wood Return Air Grille from WoodAirGrille.com. The grille is secured with magnets so it can be easily removed from behind the stairs to change the filter. Awesome job in a very unique situation.

Wood Return Air Vent in installed in Shiplap from WoodAirGrille